Saturday, 1 October 2011

Karans Virginity Lost

Kamasutra Tale - Aayush and his experience

This is the incident of the day when I was returning from long hangout with my friends. I had to return by bus and I didn’t get a seat to sit so I was standing at the door. At the second bus stop, the crowd in the bus was so much that people were hanging out of the door.

Then suddenly my eyes fell on a boy who was around 18 yrs old. He was very cute looking. He was wearing a red stripes shirt and holding some notebooks in his hand. He was holding his right hand to the rod and half of body was out of the bus. I was standing just beside him and was holding the same rod and our hands were touching. Then suddenly there was a pothole on the road and the bus jerked. The cute boy beside me lost his balance. As I was standing just beside him I held his hand before he fell out of the bus. He was terrified by the incident. He then simply smiled at me.

By the next few stops the crowd started to reduce and I got a seat. I closed my eyes and started to fall asleep but suddenly someone put their hand on my thighs. I woke up and saw the same guy sitting beside me. He smiled again and said, “Thanks for the help.”I said, “It’s fine, don’t mention it.”He said, “Agar tumne mera haath naa pakda hota to pata nahi aaj kya hota.”I said, “Bas tumhari do chaar haddiyaan toot jati.”He started laughing and looked super cute. I asked his name and he said his name was Aayush. We started chatting about few things. We both became friendly and were both having same likes and dislikes.

He told me that he was having math’s test and staying alone in his home since his parents had gone to a relative’s marriage. He asked me if I could join him tonight and help him out solving some math’s problems. I said I can’t join him tonight but promised him to join him the next day. He gave his phone number and address. He got down at his stop and I reached my place.

The next day was Sunday and I planned to go and see Aayush. I reached the given address and pressed the door bell. Aayush opened the door and asked me to wait in his bedroom for some time and went to take bath. I could hear him singing in the bathroom.

Suddenly he called out, “Manas… Maine apna towel bedroom me chodd days hai, please, can u get me the towel.” I found a white towel (with colorful cartoons on it) on the bed and went to give him. He took the towel and wrapped himself up and came out. I noticed his body when he came out, he was a perfect looking twink. Soft muscles, golden complexion and had not even a single hair on his body. I was amused by his beauty.

He saw me staring at him and gave a naughty smile and asked, “kya dekh rahe ho?”I said, “Kuch nahi bas aise he.” He smiled again and got dressed up. We both had lunch. We started to solve maths problems. It was 9.00pm and we ordered pizzas for dinner. We ate the pizzas and started watching movies. Aayush said, “Arre yar, ye sab picture bakwas hai.” I asked, “Tumhare pas porn hai?” He asked, “Tum dekhoge?” I said, “Why not, chal dekhte hein!!”

He switched on his laptop and opened a hidden folder full of blue films. We kept the laptop on the bed and we both were lying on our bellies and started watching. I had an erection soon and Aayush was also uncomfortable. Then suddenly he asked, “Mujhe bhi sex karni hai yar.” I said, “Haan, mujhe bhi.” He said, “Soch Manas, kitna maza aata hoga jab koi tera apne mu me legi.” I said, “Kaash humari bhi koi chusne wali hoti.” He said, “Dekh Manas, uska lund kitna chota hai.”

I said, “Isse bada to mera hai.”He asked, “Tera lund kitna bada hai?”I said, “Pata nahi kabhi theek se measure nahi kiya… tera kitna bada hai?” Aayush said, “maine bhi measure nahi kiya… chal Manas, aaj apna lund naapte hein.” I said, “Theek hai.” Aayush went and brought his scale. And we decided to measure our dicks. I said, “Toh pehle tu apna measure kar.” He said, “Ok.” He turned towards the wall and took out his penis and started measuring. I wanted to see his dick desperately. I asked him to turn towards me so that he doesn’t do cheating.

I said, “Aayush, mujhe bhi dikha na.” He thought for some time and turned towards me and started to take out his penis again. I was watching very eagerly and as he took out his penis I was speechless. His cock was not erect and was golden in color. It was beautiful. I could not control myself and started taking my cock out. He said, “Abe yar mera to khada hi nahi ho raha hai.” I said, “Jus go and sit on the bed and relax, Lund ko thodi hawa lagne de.” He removed his pants completely and was wearing only his underwear. He was looking like an angel.

He asked, “Tera khada hua??” I said, “Ho raha hai.” He said, “zara dekhoon toh, idhar aa mere paas” I went in front of him and stood silently. He himself started to open my zip and pulled my pants down. I was in my shorts. He looked at me with a beautiful smile and I closed my eyes. He slowly removed my shorts and said, “Wow.” I was silent. He said, “Tera dheere dheere bada ho raha hai.” I opened my eyes and saw that even Aayush ka lauda bada ho raha tha. He then touched my dick with his soft hands and I felt like I was in heaven. He held my cock in his hand and started moving it. I got a full erection.

He said, “Tera lund to bada pyara hai Manas, aur tere balls to ek dum gol, tight aur chikne hein” I smiled. He said, “Ek dum chikna lund hein tera (I had trimmed my hairs 2 days back). Aur beautiful wheatish complexion.” I asked, “Apna dikha.” He said, “Khud dekh le.” I climbed on the bed and he lay down. I opened his underwear and saw his beautiful cock again. I touched his cock and he said, “Aaaahhh.”He had a cut penis (circumcised). His pink flesh was visible clearly on his golden dick. His balls were bigger and hanging. His balls were hairless and had very little growing hair above his dick.

I said, “maine itna sundar lauda aaj tak nahi dekha.”We both removed each others’ shirts and we hugged each other. We both slept on the bed and our bodies started rubbing each other. He kissed me on my lips. And we kept kissing and rubbing our bodies. Every time my dick touched his dick we both laughed. Then suddenly he made me sleep and held my cock in his hand and started beating my cock with his cock. It was so funny and I too started to beat his cock with my cock. We played this for about 15 min. we touched our dick heads to one another and tickled each with dicks.

Our cocks were rock hard and we laughed and kissed. Aayush held both our cocks in one hand and rubbed them. I was enjoying a lot. I asked aayush to sleep. I slowly kissed his lips and neck. Then I started to lick his nipples. They were so beautiful. He was enjoying a lot. I went down and kissed on his pink top of his cock. He moaned, “Aaaaah Manassss!!” I started rubbing his cute balls. They were beautiful. I kissed them one by one and took them in my mouth and started sucking his balls. He had closed his eyes tightly. He was looking very beautiful. I started licking his dick. I licked his dick from all sides and then took it in my mouth. It was very big cock.

Aayush started biting his lips in joy.he automatically started moving his hips up and down. he was fucking my mouth. He said, “Manas, I love you. aur thoda kass ke pakad mere lund ko apne mu me.” After 10-15min I took his penis out of my mouth and started jerking it. He got up and made me to sleep. He then started licking my whole body passionately. He tickled on my pubic hairs with his nose. It felt awesome. Aayush then licked my balls and said, “This is a wonderful cock. My ise zindagi bhar choos sakta hoon”

And he started to suck my penis. He slowly moved my foreskin back and kissed my pink meat. Then he like it. I suddenly pushed my cock inside his mouth. He laughed and took my cock in his mouth completely. I was flying in the sky at that time. I started to move my hips fast and he kept sucking my dick and rubbing my balls. I had never had such a beautiful experience ever. I was moaning. Aayush was looking like an angel while sucking my cock. His pink lips around my lips were moving beautifully and the naughtiness in his eyes was unmatchable.

He suddenly took my cock out from his mouth and said, “Kya tum meri gand maaroge??” I said, “teri pyari gaand my saath janmo tak maar sakta hoon.” Then he changed his pose and started to sit on my cock. It did not go into his ass in the beginning then he put some oil and it slowly went inside inch by inch. Then it was completely inside. I felt the heat of his hot ass. It was great. Aayush was crying in pain. He bent and kissed me. I started to move my cock in and out. His ass was really tight and beautiful. After sometime he started to enjoy it. His cock was hitting my stomach when he was jumping on my dick. I was enjoying.

After 5-10 min he asked me to sit on his dick. I was afraid to take his big dick inside. He asked me to bend in the doggy style. I did. He started rubbing his dick on my ass. Then slowly he put it inside my ass. I cried, “Aayush, nahi jaayega. Dard ho raha hai.” He said, “Mujhe bhi dard hua tha lekin maza bahot aayega. Tu bas relax ho jaa aur gand ko tight mat karna.” It was paining a lot. He pushed his dick inside and I felt like a rod go inside my ass. He started moving forward and backward and I kept crying. After some time the pain was gone and it was normal.

Aayush was enjoying a lot. His balls were hitting my balls when he fucked my ass. After some time he was tired and could not continue. It was our first time and we both had no experience. So we both were very much tired. We rested for some time and played with each others’ cock with love and care. Our cocks were still rock hard. We then decided to do a 69 pose. So he got on top of me and started to suck my cock with so much love. Even I started to caress his dick and took it in my mouth. We sucked each other.

After 10 min of sucking I asked Aayush to suck faster and he asked me to do the same. We were both moaning in joy. Aayush held my cock with his teeth and was talking something which I could not hear. I kept sucking faster and faster and he too increased his speed. Then I felt his cock becoming bigger and bigger in my mouth and I could feel his pulses beats in mouth. I knew that he is going to cum. I started sucking slowly in carefully. I was about to cum too. Then I heard Aayush moan, “Umm… Manasssss… aaaaaaah.”

I took his cock out and suddenly he came with such a force that I my face was all covered with his hot white love fluid. I rubbed his cock all over my face because it was a beautiful cock to play with. Then Aayush started applying some force while sucking. I was so much enjoying that I could not control and my cock burst out all the white hot lava in his mouth. He took my cock out and again I shot my cum on his face. He started laughing and was extraordinarily hot he said, “Tera muutt mast salty taste hai Manas.”

I said, “Haan, saale tera muutt koi dood ki kheer nahi hai.” After that we both were tired. So we brushed our teeth that night and slept naked hugging each other. I woke up early in the morning and saw Aayush’s beautiful golden dick which was not erect and was soft like cotton. I kissed it passionately and slept on his dick. It started to grow bigger and bigger while Aayush was still asleep. I played with his dick silently till he woke up. When he woke up he saw me sleeping on his dick. He woke me up and kissed my dick and played with my foreskin.

Then we took bath together and during the bath I again got a chance to fuck his beautiful ass in doggy style. I applied soap all over his body and he kept massaging my cock and balls with soap. We washed ourselves and came out and watched ourselves in mirrors. then we smiled at each other and “took the scale and finally measured our beautiful cocks”.